Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS4 – 5 MORE SECRETS in TU57

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More secrets found in TU57 For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Nintendo Switch! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita, & Minecraft Wii U edition

– Previous Video(18 Secret Blocks):

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– Recorded With an Elgato HD60:
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– Music By Bulby: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBulbamike

– Minecraft Console Edition Seed Sunday Playlist:

– Minecraft Xbox – Update Adventures Lets Play Playlist:


Arykarulesall says:

And You can do all of that in Creative to

Arykarulesall says:

well I keep finding woodland mansions in my mincraft thing and they are not Really cool tho

sans .m says:


AutumnSphinx437 says:

Messes up on intro, leaves it in the video,

Random Scottish Guy says:


The #1 homie says:

I guess I'm not the only one who noticed the weird intro.

Adam Prince says:

I wish there will be updates to Xbox one and PS4

Felix53Nawfy says:

The squid ink was like 2 or 3 updates ago :/. It was also in the change log sooooo not really a secret. If you're just finding this out about the squids and think it was new in THIS update, then downgrade like 3 updates and you'll find out it was already a thing ://// also, this isn't hate. I'm just letting him know before some butt hurt fans find my comment and think I'm hating

Ramsey Cabrera says:

What the hell after 1 min the screen goes black for the rest for the rest of the vid

damat 960 says:

99% comments on intro
1% other

mrclean bleach says:

🙁 i can't play Minecraft

Bob Bth says:

You can't spam ender pearls anymore 🙁

GaDe ZoRo says:

Guys if anyone wants to play mc on ps4 with me add me my psn name: XxAliHamdanxX11 And message me even if im offline

Veena Shetty says:


Riot Starter says:

He fucked up 😂 oh well it happens

georgia dickson says:

Type his seed in panda moose123
And theres a fossil going through a woodland mansion and more.

Squint IDP says:

What is up with that intro toycat? 😀

Jasper Locke says:

At 1:28 he said "when ever you hump them"

Puppet says:

Do you have xbox360?

The bad bulldog says:

FAIL dum as

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