Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS4 – Top 5 Battle Tips in TU58

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The Top 5 Tips You Need to dominate at battle For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Wii U & Minecraft Nintendo Switch! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita, & Minecraft Wii U edition

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Secondly, I play without small inventory because it's so annoying having to figure out what items you do or don't need all the time


I only play on large maps now because I like large maps better than small ones

Homie Owl says:

Sometime during can get two diamonds swords which have two uses then craft them to have four uses in the 2×2 crafting grid

Jblitz 15 says:

That's some goosd tips.

hunterthunderwalker 21 battler says:

Well I win with a wooden sword every time

nana terra says:

Best youtuber EVAR you always make me better at minecraft <3!

cheshire cat says:

Aye heres a tip for invasion near the build board theres a tnt launcher imand it launches u to a chest

weeklyfox says:

Toycat can you make a rare chest location video or have you already?

Darth_Turtle05 says:

Can you turn on view bobbing on your Xbox 360? It gets really annoying to see it off in your gameplay. 🙂

Shy guy/ yoshi games SG/YG says:

I know toycat is not going to love this comment, or reply but toycat your awesome

Jacob H. says:

I use all these tips and win about 90% of the time. the most important tip of these, however, is not neccesarily strafing but moving side to sode,forward and back, as well as jumping to avoid hits, get height, and crit the enemy

Gavin Hoover says:

bow spam is op because no one knows how to avoid it

Gavin Hoover says:

diamond shovels are worse than wooden swords in my opinion, knockback just makes people run even more than they do

Gavin Hoover says:

have a sprint button helps a lot

a name says:

Who else still has an Xbox one but plays the original Minecraft?

Seph says:

Hey, could you PLEASE remove those "whoosh" and "whoop" sounds at the start? Super annoying, doesnt add much to the content.

I Dont Upload a Lot says:

My five tips for battle in literally no order:
Know which items to keep or throw away.
Keep inventory organised.
Go hunting for kills, try to have the most kills.
Know chest locations.
If your losing a fight, take risks! Either they kill you because they caught you,you die whilst taking the risk or you escape because they wouldn't follow you as they might die.

DragoDaBeastYT // DragoDDB says:


To say firzt

XxSniperWormxX says:

Hey Toycat,I have a Question,Minecraft Better Together,Can you play splitscreen on the Xbox One on servers?Because that is going to determin if im going to buy the game or not?

ibex ion says:

toycat docent read comments all the time ):

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