Minecraft Xbox: Glazed Terracotta Tips For Your Builds!

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Silverado 316 says:

Dan Dan he's the man he can build it just like every body can just like this comment is going to get y Read more

RavenFox Gamer says:

The Los Dangeles pc download link doesn't work for me. Can you let me know how to get it?

Michael Tate says:

when do you get the ip for your sub server because i just subscribed on twitch.

Asaad says:

I'm a COD player

Oh Hey Its Zero says:

Hey my friend downloaded ur City world she said she was there when u were making it but kicked u
I'm actually on it right now? if u ever need a spare builder I'm available

Joseph Reeves Jr says:

Will u add a college football stadium to ur college

Alex Moeggenberg says:

What happend with Creativerse??

Rayhaniar634 says:

Dan please do a minecraft skyrim mash up packs survival again after you beat ender dragon please!!

Like if you agree

Keontae Hogains says:

I love how Dans like the terracotta expert now when just a few episodes ago he had no idea what it was or how to use it ??? great video tho 🙂

FearlessFox says:

If you guys want to make a city and your on Xbox 1 my gamer tag DATBOI749

Derpyhillbilly or Derpy says:

4to the power of 4 is the amount of combinations

Chandler Seita says:

Hi Everyone! Wondering if you guys would take a look at my channel! It would mean the world to me for a glance at my channel.

Chandler Seita, Youtube Content Creator

Curtis H says:

Mojang should add new paintings

Keith Simington says:

Tiled floors for bathrooms / kitchens

Jaime Drew says:

I'm using them in the floor and ceiling of a theater

scooter rodriguez says:

they arnt different designs, all those designs come together when you make a big tile of those blocks

GamingCreeper98 says:

I don't understand why ANY1 would dislike! They're probably drunk.

Ian Craig says:

Is this a joke?

Issac Lemus says:

danlags for president
subscribe to me if you agree

FunnyPuppy says:

Sub my channel I lost my shoes

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