Minecraft Xbox One / PS4 TU43 – Biggest Secret Feature So Far

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The biggest secret so far in TU43 For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

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MetroAntelope83 says:

Zombie villahes came to MCPE first.

Dustin Fullerton says:

I don't know if anyone has noticed they added a ban level feature when you press start on Xbox one if you look in the bottom left corner while paused you can press the rb to access the feature. Idk why you would want to ban a level? Maybe you could do a video telling us a theory on why they added this feature in the new update?

ibrahim bukhari says:

Bro did you actually say this is such a game changer because stained clay is now hardened clay?

Animal Alu says:

1:34 that is one of the weirdest wells I've ever seen XD

Feildstingray40 says:

having frost walker boots prevents magma block damage

The Cat Gamer says:

"I shipped a package of food to my old girlfriend because she was hungry.
End of vid

Faris Bakr says:

The village has no moss stone or cobwebs

Supa Crafta says:

7 min for one secret feature

CoMeBaCk ElItE says:

Why does it say that in every one of Toycat's videos at the end at the bottom..

CraftKing Gaming says:

this was a mod

Draykion501 says:

I don't like most of the secret features except lonely trees

Tech Bot (Chris) says:

Toycat I found a secert feature that was not included in the changelog however I kind think its a bug cause chicken can now use melon and beet root seeds

Harry B says:

also IBX it says the game your playing is minecraft story mode not minecraft

NyanDoge says:

another secret is pigs can now breed with beetroots and potatoes

TheAwesomeDr Playz says:

I didn't watch the next part but I'm guessing it's a zombie village because there are zombies

URQCrifters says:

toycat, youtube thinks the game is Minecraft Story Mode, you need to fix it

AGENT T says:

I glitched. my sword is still 13.3 damage.

Vortetic 47 says:

I found a
secret the
Read More

Rookie 2012 says:

the nerf sharpness RUINED my custom mini-game

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