Minecraft Xbox One / PS4 – TU49 SECRET FEATURES

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The 4 secrets I found in the TU49 update! For Minecraft Xbox 360, Minecraft Xbox One & Minecraft Wii U! As well as Minecraft PS3, Minecraft PS4 & Minecraft PS Vita

– Previous Video(Fallout Battle Maps!):

– Learn More About TU46 Features:

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– Recorded With an Elgato HD60:
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Jasmyn Black says:

am I the only one that notice his outro music is from Undertale

Christopher Burnett says:

hey, could you do an recap of the updates? i missed quite a few. you could do it with multiple episodes like 1 through 5 and so on. idk. Video ideas.

SubNex Gaming says:


Swagpug 78 says:

It looks like the map is having sex with dirt

The Carlos says:

Totally first

Ahren McEvoy says:

Is it just me or dose hitting with a map look like wanking

Kylan Pitsinger says:

you forgot the stair texture change

Gaming Master says:

More secrets: mob heads epeshely the dragon, dropping the banner and glass pane

PSN Redstone creater says:

it's actually is worst because you don't notice the panes

PshycoAniMeme says:

lol he likes that it looks like he's banging the map lolololol

Dgaming XLX says:

There is actually another you missed with the villagers, Now all the villagers dressed in brown etc, Fletcher, Farmer can now all replant seeds in fertilized dirt because only the Farmer was able to…

Dragonbro Extreme says:

Anyone else notice that the sword's hotbar texter has grown?

Alex Otero says:

Toycat i discovered something. When ur flying with the Elytra, press the crouch button when ur flying and something cool will happen 🙂

Med ali Korchi says:

The mining with a map trick is the thing i Knew today by myself with mining Wood with a map

I like Trains says:

I think they need to add actual features instead of stuff like this that nobody really notices unless they watch these videos. They STILL have not added Spectral Arrows, as well as 1.9 pvp. It seems 4J still only cares about DLC and mini games instead of survival.

Mary Mancilla says:

when is 1.11 coming out

Indigo 132 says:

I like the new map animation because you can read the map while you're punching.

Lilo Pro Gamer says:

Do you have a ps4

wolfgamer crow says:

is that map animation in pc

Candyking 247 says:

I subscribe 🙂

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