MineQuest, The beginning.

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More about MineQuest: http://code.google.com/p/minequest/
I am just going to cover some of the basics in this first video for MineQuest. I intend to cover more and more of MineQuest if future videos so please, stay tuned.


MrTsukurou says:

that you will be playing with are level 10 or better in their main class.
The admin of the server, who has the database access, changes your
characters level for the main class that you want to play so that you can
not feel like a nub. Then you will need to use /load to load up those

MrTsukurou says:

Just wanted to give a short update to a couple of the commands. The /save
command is really only needed if you are really… reallllly paranoid. The
server will update and save the character information for you without any
fuss on your part. The only time that you will need to use /load is if
there is a server side database change to your character made after the
information has been loaded. An example of this is: You have joined your
buddies existing server and all of the characters…

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