Monster School: Shark Attack – Minecraft Animation Jaws Movie

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Monster School Shark Attack / Killing The Shark Minecraft Animation

INSPIRED BY: Willcraft .Animations
Teaching monsters how to kill a shark like in jaws movie part 2 !
Monster School – Shark attack jaws movie animation
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Monster School: Killing The Shark – Minecraft Animation Jaws Movie


miguel martinez says:

I like your vdeo

heny p says:

$ 🙂 🙂 :-)

Troll Face says:


Loise Alexiou says:

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iiCookiezz says:

I thought explosives wouldn't hurt you in water

Jeanine Jones says:

I like your Minecraft where did you get it

eli gonzo says:

What the f***

RC ganduril says:

hmm add electricks something

Kamira Nelson says:

sad ???????

Jonathan Burgess says:

a bit weird

Cheramische Ajodhia-Sarpan says:

this channel is killing the views

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

I never see herobrine before

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

…and he has the sword

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

zombie says huh in the Water when he kills the shark with the food

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

Zombie: Huh?

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

Herobrine is Good Teacher

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

Well that's all everybody

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

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GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

Subscribe Enjoy!????

GameofLogoMMOs/Container17 says:

That's good

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