My Favourite Minecraft Server

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There’s nothing wrong with a good old dose of nostalgia. There is when killing a player requires your body to be inside theirs…

The Hive is always some good ol’ fun and if you want to see more you know what to do…

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SuchSpeed Private
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Mustafa Okcu says:

Pack Please ?

Fnsed says:

How do u get such good ping

Dilan Acevedo says:

Such bebeto.

Just another day at the survey corps says:

Your logo reminds me of GODZILLA

(Jk m8)

Vypri says:

You spelled favourite wrong Eu kid

mi5 evo says:

I have shit 7-years old laptop
Minecraft fps whit optifine about 20-60fps

Tomas Bensch says:

Intro song name?

SolrFlares _ says:

YT? Settings – Solr Or xJitter

Chirra says:

Like Kommentar subscibe

McBlue Tv says:

song in outro?

Neorej25 says:

The tokens in the beginning Lol

VariedPod Hypixel Gameplay says:

With Hooahhee LOL

NewLucky says:

pack please


Medcorps says:

You know what, sure. Making videos on here could possibly make it a popular server again (well close to Hypixel's)

McBlue Tv says:

song in outro?

Thiseas Sam says:

can you give me an acc pls?? i do not have never i go in hypixel or other premium servers pls????

GNKB 123 says:

Why are you playing on this server

xShadowGengarx says:


ITZRAY 7 says:

Tbh that server is shit

TimGamerHD says:

Tom u know i was sg a classic player. But i changed to 2.0 because its easyer to win and there arent 6262626 hackers in 1 round. I hope u play more 2.0 in future, its funny if u understand how to pvp in 1.8 c:
we miss u on hive

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