“Nerd Box” (Feat. Mumbo Jumbo) ▫ Minecraft Remix ▫ Music Video

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One night I stayed up late watching videos for the Hermitcraft Recap, and as Mumbo was explaining all his new shulker boxes, I thought “that sounds like it’d make a good song”. So I wrote this.

Written, edited & produced by Pixlriffs
Audio from MumboJumbo “Hermitcraft 5: Episode 91 – GOOD LOOKIN’ FARMS!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcoK5PGqWjk
Footage rendered using the Replay Mod: https://www.replaymod.com/

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Mumbo Jumbo says:

This is extremely extremely extremely catchy.
I am going to be singing it for weeks.

Lakarl says:

This is awesome. I couldn't help seeing the spider painting as anything other than a giant spider lurking in the corner

Szonja Urbanics says:


Trevor Storm says:

Perfect! Perfect, Perfect, PERFECT!!

HellCrafter5 says:

Bass box 😂😂😂

MrDandaowen says:

1:31 haha

Nomekop 777 says:

Awesome! I'm pretty new, so I don't know if this is your first remix video or not, and I don't know what to expect. If it was more dubstep-y, you could've had the base box be the drop. I dunno. I love it. The animation is nice, too.

The_hello_n00b says:

can you please make a remix of "monster turd"

Siebje Games says:

The song is perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, oh sorry, I carried away…

Ripstikerpro -Minecraft says:

Awesome transitions.
P. S. Did you pen tool the edges and use some sort of mask?

Noah Zoller says:

Perfect Perfect Perfect!

Lyv Plays Games says:

LOL OMG That is awesome!!! lol

Sam says:

What a well done video, Pixlriffs!! Definitely catchy. Totally going to get this into my playlist!

J. Yeowie says:

This is amazing!! XD

Yogi says:

Awesome tune! I really liked the rocket, could you do a one-chunk rocket launch pad one day?

James Xu says:

3433rd view!

Barack Obama says:

I remember being in a stream with pixlrift and I asked of he would ever have a colab with mumbo jumbo and now he is good work

Serigala Mellow says:

Woww Look so Funny! 😀

Cookie Clown says:

Haha Awesome 😂

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