[NO VOX] EPIC MINEQUEST 5 | “Steve meets Herobrine” by Sam Green Media

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*** Original Video: https://youtu.be/NlbgvAlWhg4
*** Sam Green Media: http://youtube.com/SamGreenMedia
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Transcript (Plain Text):
Moon: FlashGitz
Neil: Ohh Yeah… Ouu Tiny… Get Closer…
Neil: Ohh Yeah…
Creeper: Ready, Setty, Spaghetti! Hehehe
Zomb & Bones: Charge!!!
Creeper: Oh Hi guys!
Zomb: Duhhhh Hi Fluffer Muffins!
Bones: Don’t Call him that! His name’s Creeper!
Creeper: Zomb, I like your chicken, but aren’t they meant for Zomb-Baes?
Zomb: Oh…
Bones: Gerrr cut the crap! Where’s the human?
Creeper: Mast–Errr… Steve… He’s inside, sleeping.
Bones: Gerrr how to do you open these things??
Zomb: Hmmm…. I don’t know.
Bones: We’ll just wait here until morning then. Zomb, helmets!
Zomb: Slumber Party!!!!
Bones: Wrong Cartoon. Wrong Game. Uhhg… Close enough.
Zomb: Heh-heh!
Creeper: Do the helmets actually work? Hmmm…. Eiiii–I don’t feel so good…
Zomb: Are you otay Fluffer Muffins?
Bones: Nice troll Creeper, I mean seriously… How dumb do we look to you?
Zomb: Bail?
Bones: Bail.
Zomb & Bones: Ahhhhggguh!
Enderbrah: Master is so pissed with you guys, he just sent me a text that… he’s like toates balls to the wall man. Oh brah… he’s fuming.
Bones: Bu–But… He was going to explode our faces off!
Enderbrah: Where’s the boom brah?
Creeper: Phew… Good idea Charles! Here, have some shades… And a Banana! Hehe – Swag.
Enderbrah: Supsies Muffsies? Sorry about this man; Master’s orders… No harshies brah.
Creeper: Charles??? CHARLESSSS!!!! You will pay for this Herobrine…
Neil: What’s a Herobrine?
Neil: Boom Boom Man…
Posh Man: Meanwhile, 2 Animators and their comrades enjoy an EPIC late night picnic.
Bones: Told you he was going to explode…
Zomb: Duh… Hi Enderbrah, Hi Charles!
Enderbrah: Master wants us back at the liar so… Chop chop.
Bones: Does Charles look… bigger to you?
Zomb: Yeahhhh! He got faaaat!
Bones: Umm… Zomb…?
Zomb: What??
Bones: Uhhg… Nothing…
Steve: Man… I can’t see for Shuhhhhhggg!
Steve: …SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!! Ow, son of a —
Herobrine: Master Steve… We meet at last…
Steve: Umm.. Hey…
Herobrine: He’s been using you Steve…
Steve: What are you talking about!?
Herobrine: The diamonds Steve! It’s all a lie!
Steve: And why would I believe you!?
Herobrine: Heh — It doesn’t really matter. By this time tomorrow… You can see for yourself.
Steve: Grrr….. That’s enough!
Herobrine: Muwahaha
Steve: What the!?
Herobrone: I’ll be seeing you soon… Master Steve…
Steve: Oh no…
Steve: Woah! Oh… just… a dream… huh?
Steve: I’ll just borrow this, this… You won’t be needing these… And this… I’ve gotta have this!
Steve: Yawwwwwn…
Creeper: Master!!! They took Charles!!!
Steve: Who? Neil? I knew there was something fishy about that guy…
Creeper: No… I mean… *gasp*
Creeper: I was just sitting here playing with Charles when all of a sudden Zomb and Bones showed up and they were all like, where’s the human Fluffer Muffins? Then Bones said my name wasn’t Fluffer Muffins, it’s Creeper and there was a chicken who died so I pretended to blow up to make them run away and they did. But then Enderbrah showed up and said I need to remember who my real master is and that there were no harshies but he just took Charles and we have to save him!!!
Steve: I see… So, where is Neil?
Creeper: I… I accidently blowed him up…
Creeper: I don’t think he’s going to respawn…
Steve: Yeah… Me either… Tiny?
Steve: Hey bud… Creeper’s sorry about Neil…
Creeper: I’m sorry Tiny, I didn’t mean it. :((
Steve: I know what’ll cheer you up. How about you join us on our Epic Quest.
Steve: Alright! Let’s do this!
Creeper: Master?
Steve: I’m a little gassy today…
Epic Announcer Guy: And after what seems like years from when they set out on their Epic Quest.
Steve, Creeper and their newest companion Tiny are now in pursuit of more than just mere diamonds.
The fate of their beloved Charles lays solely in their hands…
Find out what happens next time on Epic Minequest!


Leonardo Lorencato says:

caralho em

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where is epic minequest 6 ⊙⊙

Laura Renteria says:

I can't her it

Breno breno de paula silva says:

Puts eu tambem cara

girl _alone says:

e una bella storia non vedo l'ora che ne esca un altra????

david handoko says:

Are you making epicmine quest 6 ??? ?

Denice Verkooijen says:

i wish i can do it, but my recording stuff is so bad to do it, do u have any tips for me??

Junior Cervantes says:

How do i download this on my iphone6

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exalted the shadow says:

Wtf sam 

Maler Inca says:

next episode in  1 year :V

Nicole Cardenas says:

flash gitz

videobro says:

Can someone do it in Danish please

videobro says:

Can someone do it in Danish please

Miki2001 Tm says:

hahahahahah yea do more you are best

Real Faction says:

Actually…I'm gonna take a crack at this :3

Infinite Ash says:

The only reason that I watched this version was to make sure the creeper said: 'WTF!'

MrVideoGames says:

Sam, you can make the previous episodes without voice so I do a remake in french version ?

MyEvilCreeper says:

Make more death of nyan cat videos

Phillip Todd (Couzare) says:

I love it loaaads. U did a good job again sam 🙂 and respect u took the time for it. And that Enderman sounds like he's a MLG member ?

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