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Omikron –
SuperAlts –

SNAPCHAT: officialxturtle

Hacks that I’m using!

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RainbowLower says:

You are the hacking god

ShadowGangGaming says:

this guys cheating….. is this guy sirius???how is he not banned on mineplex yet

Bubbaaa says:

This video is stupid;)

OVERLORD 92 says:

Thee kill aura does work 👍 it just doesn't swing yet

fqj says:

That array list gives me cancer

Herr Tasian says:

how to open the gui ?

Blurp says:

Omikron Best Client <3

Michael Alva says:

LMAO this kid is a loser all he does is download hacks and play the game and win basically every time because of his hacks?!?!

TheCoolRadTeen - Gaming says:

I'm done with this community. All of them say "Mineplex is dead" because it only gets 7k members, and the staff are getting worse. You all are wrong? Maybe Hypixel gets 40k+ players daily, but 7k is enough, right? You don't have your own server that gets 7k+ players, so don't take a shrimp about it. Maybe the staff do suck, but Mineplex is an awesome server. Hypixel is way better, but we still need to admire Mineplex. That server has been out for a while, and it was probably better than Hypixel back then. Maybe Hypixel has Bed Wars, Murder Mystery, Dragon Wars, and other games different from Mineplex, but it's still a good server. You guys are dumb flips if you think Mineplex is dead. Saying that means Ultra, CubeCraft, PrimeMC, YayMC, MunchyMC, SkyMetro, Skycade, Performium, SkittleMC, CosmicPvP, Badlion, and other servers? NO! Get a grip. Mineplex is a good server. I mean, it's your opinion. Be a "nibba" if you think this server is dead. If you agree with me, spread the word with YouTube videos, copying this reply, forum posts, and more. Thank you for your time, and your consideration. Please spread the word.

NoobGaming -Games says:

super alts giveaway pls I subbed send me pls

Motion Maniac says:

dude my anti virus said it has a virus

Thomas Berry says:

legend says Xturtle won't pin this

NullEX says:

yet another skided client xturtle gets paid to hack with

PROJECT: KitKatTurtle says:

Bro. You are so late to every client. I got that client the second ItsCrispy uploaded the video.

Vendetixz says:

Whats is his texture pack plzz tell me

Hotdog says:

jigsaw 0.26 is finally out bitch!

Marilyn Deleon says:

Play roblox and hack to it plzzzzzzzz

Code Seeker says:

USE FLUX B12!!!!

zZGabyXz says:

Jigsaw 0,26 ITS out!!!

Sam Xjushana says:

Dislike gang where ya at

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