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Anthony asks for Ash’s expert help to craft the best mine ever! Will he ever learn? Season 3 – Episode 14 Minecraft – Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’? By Anthony Burch, Ashly Burch, and Justin Yngelmo Special Thanks: Ashley Davis and Ulisses Gurgel Music: “The Massacre” by FantomenK
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Everyone’s talking like they know Minecraft, but we’re talking to the one guy who actually does: its creator, Notch. We’ve also got Ashley King from 2 Girls 1 Game backing us up. Polski serwer minecraft. Płatne konto nie jest wymagane.
Hey everyone we’re back with another timelapse but this time with a smaller but much more detailed build. Even though it’s not a city, this one took a long time to build. You can’t get the scale of the whole thing from just watching the video so please head on over to planetminecraft if you want to see screenshots of it. Also it thanks to SerAaron from FacetiousGaming who allowed me to build this library for their HUGE City of Amber project. I’ll most likely be building other things like this in the future. So a like would really tell [More]
I think we’re lost. Twitter……………… Facebook…………. Google+…………… Live Stream………. Hope some of you got the West Side Story reference! Sorry about the long wait. Been busy with other projects. I actually recorded myself creating this animation so I can create a time lapse later. This video took about 80 hours to make according to the recorded footage. Rigs and Scene Assets by BootstrapBuckaroo:… Music from PremiumBeat Instafilm script for the borders by VinhSon Nguyen Minecraft is copyright to Mojang. Go buy it! Tools: Autodesk Maya 2013 Adobe After Effects CS5.5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
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