PAINFULPVP WAS BULLIED!! (Minecraft Funny Videos & Stories w/ PainfulPvP)

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Minecraft Funny Videos & Stories (PainfulPvP WAS BULLIED!! ) ~ Lemme know in the comments below, some stories about you, and some of your experiences with bullying!
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Don’t forget to comment some funny or painful stories down below. I’d love to learn a lot more about ALL OF YOU!


Sreenbo says:

Started from the bottom now we are at 30k subs

Jassson_ says:

What pack

DJTrap says:

"I'm sure a lot of you guys can relate"

Michael Lee says:

I think Painful got mad near the end

Vyne20 MC says:

resoursepack plzz

ZenSlayz says:

<3 life is hard.

Swagger Pvpz says:

I am a bully

Realizinq says:

tell that nigga's coords to your allies to kill him

HomeworkHomage says:


hazzle says:

I dont relate

Outlaw Playz says:

If that dick did anything again just remember you have a freaking 30 thousand Subscriber army

Halcystasis シ says:

I did get bullied but after 2 years i bullied that guy back.and i keep on bully him everyday til he cry and report me to da teacher and i got kicked out from my school xD

BreadCentral MC says:

Painful can you make a resource pack video :D

BreadCentral MC says:

is there a link to that resource pack because I really like the sword on that pack

Mad_T_Rex says:

Like imagen if all these people lived my life! it would be hard for them. cause they would be the bully '[im jks]

Mad_T_Rex says:

next story "When I was older I got raped" wait w0t did u s33 the tr1ngle in th3 W   must be where they hide the weed or not idk

Mad_T_Rex says:

well this tough mouse called his little bitch elephant and the elephant stepped on me now im dead as you can see cause im on the internet

X_Volt Gaming says:

PainfulPvp What pack

Stat says:

How the fuck did you grow Into a giant

riplmao says:

Chuck Norris used to bully me

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