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“Because what happens when you force open an entrance portal with no exit?”
Welcome to Pegasus Labs. A research base located on the “Mczell Physo Beta Server”. This establishment is devoted to beta testing a WIP mod that adds new physics to Minecraft. From planets to particles, the Mczell Physics Mod implements it all.
Having signed up for the project back in the days of Minecraft Beta , you have spent a few hours out of each workday evening helping to make this revolutionary modification as flawless as possible. You are currently assigned to the “VANILLA END PORTAL DIAGNOSIS” labs. The End Portal is obviously part of vanilla Minecraft, but its persistence to remain functional in a realistic physics based world is puzzling. If the mod was perfect, the End Portal wouldn’t function at but it does. You and a hand-picked group of well known bugfinders are responsible for finding out how and why the End Portal works.
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Both songs are by MartijndeBont.
This map has been a side-project of mine for the last 11 months. Yeah, 11 months. That’s a long time, and this map is BIG. Leisurely playing this map (and knowing answers) takes about 90 mins. A blind run could take a while longer. You have been warned 😛
Current version is
Please mention any bugs/errors/cuts to me via a comment or PM. I will do whatever I can to patch what you discover.


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