Pixelmon! Minecraft Pokemon Mod! Ep # 135 TINTED BOSSES ! – 2MineCraft.com

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Pixelmon!A Minecraft Pokemon Mod! Welcome to the world of Minecraft Pokemon, where TinyTurtle & LittleLizard try to catch all Pixelmon! Who will catch them first?

LizardPixelmon Server Ip :

Subscribe for more Pixelmon: http://bit.ly/12cbTHc
Link to Pixelmon Mod: http://pixelmonmod.com/blog/
Want to play Minecraft with your friends? Get great quality servers here : http://www.kbgservers.com/lizard
Minecraft Pixelmon Playlist: http://bit.ly/13YZTKq
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/LittleLizardG
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LittleLizardG

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