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Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon Mod is the latest stable pokemon universe mod exclusively for Minecraft. Have you ever wanted to create your own Pokemon Minecraft world just for you. With this great Pixelmon Mod you will be able to recreate wonderful Pokemon Saga’s just infront of your own eyes.

Main game engine is used like never before on this great Mod for Pokemon fans all over the world without having to patch with other outdated tweaks and patches.

Recently Pixelmon team has released a new beta launcher ready to be installed side-by-side with it’s own launcher.

You’ll have the ability to auto update the mod everytime you upgrade your server or perform other task without having to re-mod everything back again.

Pixelmon team has recently improved the Pixpack browsing experience including liking, filtering, sorting and auto-updating it’s own profiles.

If you are planning to add Pixelmon inside your own server you’ll need to run it under a self-hosting Pixpack API on a PHP 4-5 environment and bridge it with your Pixelmon website account.

Remember to donate to Mod development team in order to get fast and latest stable versions.

Download Pixelmon Mod Here



Server IP – Play.pocketpixels.net (through the yellow portal)
Website – http://www.pocketpixels.net

My info:
Channel – http://www.youtube.com/VintageBeef
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/VintageBeefLP
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/VintageBeef
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vintagebeefyt
Shirts – http://shrsl.com/?%7E7wrc

Intro by LiquidDiamondd:

Music by Jeto:


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needamuffin says:

Is there a command to check to see how many shinies/legendaries are in the WonderTrade pool?

Darken De la Espada says:

Beef why not have a ditto on your normal team? Not very powerful but its cute….. that counts for something doesn't it?

Bricktoag says:

iirc the previous electabuzz got traded. the pokeball just signifies that you've obtained it at least once.

Stephen Trash says:

move he's talking about in the beginning is agility

Remy Langejans says:

vintagebeef pls pls pls help me i got banned from yellow 1 for 5 months for stealing while i was offline the whole day and i know for sure i did not steal anything pls contact a mod or helper at your server my minecraft username is: OnlyRemy

Colten Campbell (tinedtexas) says:

What's the mod?

DragonKing12 says:

Make Salamence one of your party pokemon he is amazing

jeugee2425 says:

beef if you press F3 and A simultaneously it gets rids of the chunk error.

Riccardo De florian says:

Do more on your gym beef needs walls and it will look mint? Try and catch more legendaries ,have a go on the electric gym

bryan van as says:

Could you make a video on how to install pixelmon pls?

30Chompi says:

I'm very determined to find his village! But I also found a really nice dark oak area where the water is oh so light blue. I hope it won't be too laggy during the day on his server.

Blazerken says:

Beef, the pokeball next to the name of Pokemon means that you have had it, not caught it. That means if someone sends you an electabuzz and you get rid of it because you don't accept gifts, it'll register as one you have caught. So basically those people are screwing you over :/

Chris Gillies says:

Beef, you should know that you will also lose to Ghost types, because they are immune to normal type attacks, so you should keep that in mind.

PlayingSisters says:

You cannot find a Microscopic Pokémon in the wild, you need to breed for the .

Megawarrior692 awesome says:

When will u play with sara again?

Red Apostrophe says:

I sort of don't enjoy this series anymore, I don't like it as much as the original, only because he doesn't interact with people

Skycraftking Mikey says:

You can only get microscopic from breeding two pygmys


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Marcus Murriel says:

Update the pixel on needed for the game

Carolyn McKenna says:

Catch a steelex

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