Pixelmon SWEET – TROPICAL GYM! (Minecraft Pixelmon 5.0.4 Roleplay) #4

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Pixelmon SWEET – TROPICAL GYM! (Minecraft Pixelmon 5.0.4 Roleplay) #4

Hope you guys enjoy the new Pixelmon Sweet Series!

Pokemon Sweet wiki – http://pokesweets.tumblr.com/cookbook

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MUSIC – By Pokemon / Kevin MacLeod


PixelDip says:

Uwahhh I'm the most inconsistent Youtuber ever! xD This video was supposed to be uploaded 5 days ago, but I had to re record, edit and upload it several times over the past few days because of lag, bad audio and pixelmon crashes 🙁 = This summer is going to be epic with uploads though, dw! 😀

SWE_saruman 2 says:

I think it would be fun if you meet a munchlax next. ?

Mega Delibird says:

Jirachi or MUDKIP OR larvitar

Max Cho says:

Do a sweet legendary Pokémon

ocean breeze1100 says:

I wanna see pickapie (pickachu) grapeon (drapeon) and taffow (tailow)

Vivian Yu says:

I wanna see riolu and houndoom like if u agree wait and eevee like if u agree

Ender Andrew says:

Transformers robots in desire

EnderWither13 says:

How About Pikachu And Its Name Will Be "Pezachu"

Punjo 49102 says:

love this comment or ill die pixeldip nooooooo i'm starting to die i can feel it……………………….

diggs9110 says:

i forgive you and i want to see a vulpix but it to be a candy apple

Cameron Proesch says:


osmeris fuentes says:

I wanna see you catch a MudKip

Hector Rodriguez says:

PixelDip i wanna see Mew!Good Job making these amazing videos!Keep it up!

Paula Masi says:

Pixeldip do a ice cream articuno plz like pixel I love you you r awesome

red blast says:

Larvatar and name it sourtar

Jaylen Shelton says:

pixel why would you get candix

PinkKirby GT says:

I want to see abra and for the evolutions apples instead of spoons

Mckenzy Duran says:

cupcake evev

Its Grymii says:

Pixel do sandsret as a ghost dark type plz. Ps you da best youtuber ever by a mile

Adrian Bojorquez says:

gible plzzzzzzzzzz pixel dip

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