Realistic Working TRAMPOLINE in Minecraft | MASTER MINE TUTORIALS

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Get ready to jump for joy when Fin teaches you how to make an awesome trampoline in minecraft that totally works!

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Hosted by Fin from

Master builders from all over YouTube teach Minecraft tutorials, breaking the most complicated creations down into a simple step-by-step process.

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SuperChiko4000 says:

that's some amazing stuff

Ксюша Лытко says:

без ковра лучше

Diy Jourdyn says:

I been know this

Hootsome says:

Um… Didn't Millie already make a tutorial on this??! #MoreMillie!!!

daniela belloso says:

I love this series?

Livingdeadolls789 Tv productions says:

thanks iam a big minner

vinh quach says:

Do harder stuff

Tiger- rainbow_10 says:

its to simple to make a tutorial everybody who playd minecraft for a while knows that!

Yamilet Rubio says:

dude……I been knowning that a different note kidding because a friend showed me…so….yeah

MnM's Gamingzz says:


12th actually

Zara Ahmed says:

or u can just use slime blocks

Little mix fan Art says:

I love Minecraft

Valentina P. says:

minecraft not very interesting but your videos is cool

Leon Gustavsson says:

Super smart!

Cristina Zhou says:

Early and late squad where are you at????

Italia Berlanga says:

yay first to write a comment

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