Redstone for Dummies – Minecraft Tutorials

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Difficulty: 2/5

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Logic Gates Image
0:43 What is Redstone?
1:35 How “ON” signals work
2:00 Redstone Torches
2:47 Building a Pulser
3:39 Logic sentences and AND gates
4:52 A piston that pulses!

An overview of how redstone works for people with little to no experience with it. I cover what it does, how to use it, and a couple intermediate designs.

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Alexgamming 2015 Coleman says:

I'm all redy a pro with red stone I'm just bad at making gates :'(

Fritten says:

Learn a lot  I'm watching you even more now  cause you are great at 
Mine craft my friend

Thelittleporkchop says:

What's the blue color line

Mac Love says:

Just wanted to see how people cannot understand something as Redstone. A spiral door requires 4 pistols (sticky).

Jevrick Norom says:

This is super helpful, thanks very much!

Jason says:

Thanks man! I will finally be able to comprehend redstone and make my sweet stuff

Friend says:

Thanks man :)

PopsiclesInMyCellar says:

u sound nice :)

Gorkanator1337 says:

I have been playing minecraft for a LONG time !!!
Only now do I fully understand red stone lol !!!
You are awesome !

boflator says:

you sir are a genius, thanks :D

Ex Keine says:

i bet that you spend hours and hours editing this video

101perrin101 says:

No… The title clearly states "for dummies", if you knew this why were you here and stop asking for likes.

Patricia shaw says:

Great job suevshe snsnbshsbsvshs s

TheEndrik says:

thumbs up if you knew everything there was and you are making a computer

animalcopWOT says:

I learned the gates on school, the possebiletys areendless, and awsome, its very easy just need to think a bit in the begin

Hunter Newland says:

omg this helped me so much littrelly

Matt “Bowserman800” Thompson says:

sup pig from tha vid

TheLegend6298 says:

the fact that i understood this, makes me feel like a dummy. im not mad or surprised, its just funny

Dreamtype says:

i tried making a pulse in xbox edition doesn't want to pulse can anyone help me ?/: thanks

Danku says:

lol the pig said sup!

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