SEASON FINALE! – How To Minecraft S5 #32

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How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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Welcome to How To Minecraft S5! A brand new 1.12 SMP. This is going to be a private Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server made just for us to play on and enjoy the brand new Minecraft in it’s most simplistic form with custom plugins and more!

SMP is a great way to create stories, plots, enemies, friends, and interactions with you guys.

Fellow Minecrafters:
AciDic BliTzz ‣
Alex Ace ‣
Austin ‣
Behzinga ‣
BionicMC ‣
Bodil40 ‣
Brawlator ‣
ChocoTheChocobo ‣
CraftingVegeto ‣
CreepersEdge ‣
DoniBobes ‣
Frizzlenpop ‣
Generzon ‣
InfamousQuiff ‣
JeromeASF ‣
KenworthGaming ‣
LaakeB ‣
Lachlan ‣
MiniiDear ‣
Nooch ‣
PeteZahHutt ‣
SideArms ‣
Sigils ‣
Vikkstar123 ‣

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ProX Ghost says:

I have being watching sinse season 1 #RIPHOWTOMINECRAFT

arthur jack1 says:

do things with shot like your fac

Kieran Mc Carthy says:

U did how to mine craft how about how to mod craft

Avinash Cheeranjie says:


Kieran Mc Carthy says:

#how to ark

Cody Faulkner says:

Ark with pete

Slass33 says:

Play Minecraft modded. If you don’t have so much development and $3000 custom terrain, you can still have fun on modded, and it’ll be less obligating to stick with it, as you haven’t invested as much, so you can always make good content.

Ellie says:

do 7 days to die with other people

AllonSym says:

I would be happy to see mini series and some battle based games like bridges,uhc and battledome if you still enjoy those vikk :/

Ronnie Guha says:

At the end of each series once everyone is done you should just leak the ip, it would be dank whilst crashing a lot of people's minecraft

GØĐ Snเקєя says:

Half of the Pack is back ( Preston Rob and Lachlan )

Mo Salah says:

Definitely the right call to stop this car crash series.

Love Vik, watched him since way before How To Minecraft 1 & it's my favourite series of his.

But this series started off badly with the people signed up to do it. I'm sorry you need to get Rob etc involved as they bring so much to the series.

But the biggest issue was deciding to go 1.9 PVP. Huge mistake as everyone hates it. 1.8 is a must, for all minecraft series – whether that's UHC, this etc. 1.9 PVP is just awful. As soon as I saw this was 1.9, I didn't watch any of it. Sorry but it's that bad.

I think this series probably started too soon after the last one.

Have a break, do it again when the others are refreshed, Rob etc might fancy doing it again and do it on a 1.8 server. Then everyone will enjoy it more.

Ronnie Guha says:

No Vikk, it isnt very good cantent, but it was great entertinment

See what I did there? With the can and tin? No seriously?
points at head – [Insert bullet here]

Shahanari316 Ari says:

Vikk play ark survival with the pack or the sidemen please play ark survival please

David Cooper Sobha says:

Crazy craft!!

Shon Hakanson says:

Do how to ark

Its ya boy don says:

Y’all should do a mad pack or crazy craft

Shahanari316 Ari says:

Vikk please do ark survival please

Hammer Town says:

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! vik

Amin4901 gaming says:

No admins they give some people special treatment maybe have them behind the scenes

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