Secret/Hidden Piston Stairs v3 [Minecraft Redstone Tutorials]

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Partnoids! I’m back =D Today’s video is v3 of my hidden stairs. YouTube removed my v2 model video and turned down my appeal, which is unhelpful and as far as I’m aware completely unjust.

However I decided it was a good excuse for me to go back to the drawing board and create an even better version of what I had! Hope you guys like it. =)

Secret Stair v3 Download:


Music: DTMM – Black Out


Welshi Davies says:

FIX For 1.7.9
Build the system exactly as CNB has then:

1. In the pink circuit at 2:10 add an additional repeater behind this on 1
2. In the pink circuit change the repeater behind the one CNB changed to 4
tick delay (2:14) to 4 tick delay
3. In the green circuit at 3:51 change the timings of this repeater to 2
tick delay instead
4. In the blue circuit at 5:09 change the timings of this repeater to 4
tick delay instead

mickycheese27 says:

1. Do not place the repeater placed at 1:23, instead, replace it with
3. You don’t need to place the torch on the far right of the circuit (1:52)
4.Leave the repeater on the left, at 2:06, as it is (1 tick). Don’t change
it to two ticks.
5. Make the repeater on the left, leading in to the pink block, (2:10) from
3 ticks to 4 ticks
6.Make the front most repeater of the double repeaters (2:12) from 4 ticks
to 2 ticks.
7. Make the back most repeater of the double repeaters from 1 tick to 4

This should give you a block swapper that works with a lever in 1.8.3

Tadhg Boyo says:

Dude come back pls

darkmatrix203 says:

Can someone help please? I have one of these on my world for Xbox 360 and
it was working perfectly until the other day when the game updated. I tried
recreating it in a creative world thinking that some blocks may have been
moved by the update and it still won’t work. The block swapper is not
longer working properly and one of the blocks in the middle is not being
pushed back up when I close the stairs. I fixed the block swaper by adding
a repeater on 2 ticks delay behind the existing repeater that goes into the
piston to the left of the center piston. But I cannot figure out what is
wrong with the other part. It seems to be that the piston to push the block
out is not receiving power, but I notice that when I go to open the stairs
it pushes out briefly for some reason and then immediately retracts. Does
anyone have any suggestions?

Devlin Crane says:

dude seen ur Photobucket …. how the hell u fked up ur finger 0_o that
gotta hurt with yellow pin inside ur finger 0_o…. anyway thanks for the
tutorial 🙂 btw nice Dodge truck :)

Doc. FunkBlack says:

That’s no works animore..

lagspike 267 says:

He’s really nice cuz he said some lovely people flag my video got removed
off youtube like how are they lovely

Dj Sushi says:

By me doesn’t work the block swapper. Thx for help.

Original 5 says:

It won’t work anymore

Robin Vlemincx says:

is there a fix for this one for 1.8.3?

Scottwestley100 says:

can u try and make it a bit lissonable
its a bit boaring

Nathan Heusn says:

Can i do it in 1.7.2 ? Help me please!!!
(Sorry for the grammar i am french^^ )

Keaton Jerpbak says:

use this lay out for the pink

then on the blue, make both repeaters 4 ticks….that workd for me

lj rowlett says:

Mine won’t work

Waxalous Galaxy says:

Does he ever upload videos any more or does he have a new channel?

James Hopper says:

Woah that was really easy to understand and im crap at redstone

zombiemoat5 says:

Might use this. I think if I do, I’ll end up adding a T-flip-flop

i0am0god0okay0 says:

found a fix for 1.8.1!
If your having an issue with the middle stair block not being replaced when
its forced up then there is a simple fix with 2 blocks and 4 redstone.
the 4th block placed at 4:55 ish doesn’t get power so bring the piece of
redstone that points to the repeater at the blue wool and make a loop of
redstone wire up and point it into the blue wool next to the piston thats
not firing (the 4th block of blue wool he places)
NB make sure this wire doesnt interfere with anything else in the circuit,
thats why i used some blocks to stop it connecting to the other parts.

nicholas minardi says:

The T Flip flop floor get broken in 1.5 because torches change state

Sagnik Das says:

doesnt work

Joshua Buchanan says:

***Fix*** As stated in the comments below for the pink portion, make the
three tick a four, make the repeater behind the four tick repeater four. In
the fix, you want to add one more repeater behind the repeater previously
set to three ticks and connect the redstone. ***Fix*** This is what I did
to fix it.

Mello Crafters says:

uh it doesnt work on multiplayer

MicahVance says:

doesn’t work anymore

Ron Hart says:

Following your instructions to the T and it doesn’t work

JJ Freeman says:

How did you wire it up tho the lever inside the room?

Jérôme Tremblay's Minecraft Stuff says:
Eradic Gaming says:

FIX For Console Update TU21 (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4):

1. Follow Welshi Davies FIX for 1.7.9
1. Build the system exactly has CNB has
it then:
2. In the pink circuit at 2:10 add an
additional repeater behind this on 1
3. In the pink circuit change the repeater
behind the 1 CNB changed to 4 tick
delay (2:14) to 4 tick delay
4. In the green circuit at 3:51 change the
timings of this repeater to 2 tick delay
instead of 3
5. In the blue circuit at 5:09 change the
timings of this repeater to 4 tick delay
instead of 3
2. In the green circuit at 3:14 place Redstone
in place of the first repeater then dig down
beneath the second repeater (and
Redstone connected to it) until you’re one
block beneath the piston when it’s pushed
out, then place Redstone in this dug down
section so that the Redstone line leads
from the green circuit to the block beneath
the last piston when it’s extended. *You
may need to place a block above the
Redstone that replaces the second repeater
in order to prevent it from crossing with the
Redstone that’s replacing the first repeater*
If you’ve done it right you should have both
Redstone lines going into the blocks which
would in turn power the Pistons when they
are extended.

jestem koxem says:

dont work in 1.5.2

InGodIGame davidredsox says:

such nostalgia..

ilovetigers75523 AJ says:

Its you from the handbooks

Stephanie Bird says:

The blocks don’t swap for me 🙁 neither block moves from their piston…
Can’t find a nice compact staircase to work for me any help?

Nick Sizemore says:

other then the T switch this works great on PS3. Great video. Thanks! 

Defused Creeper says:

your hidden stairs has 2 button visible just saying Kappa

cool cupcake says:

How the hell do u make a t flip flop?!

Daniel Siqueira says:

Hey guys! How to fix it in 1.8 update? It was working with the comments by
Ordered Khaos, but update 1.8 has changed something.

Mateus Kater says:

Link is broken

jegga13copper says:

can you update this tutorial for 1.8

NoobtalityFilms says:

What you need for this build: (without t flip-flop switch)
For those who play survival 🙂

Floor blocks: +- half a stack aka 32
Misc. blocks (wool in the case of the video): 9
Repeaters: 13
Sticky piston: 8
Redstone: 14
Redstone torches: 3
Normal pistons: 5
Stairs: 3

Ray aub says:

Your real name is nick farewell

Rob Nikli says:

I’d like it if it worked in 8.1…

Aaron Landers says:

Doesn’t work on Xbox 360

plummcthrasher says:

It doesn’t work the left block is not being pushed over when the floor
block is there but remove it and it moves just fine we did exactly what you
showed and for some reason it doesn’t work 

Sean Drago says:

With your tutorial to the tea and it broke

sportacus509 says:

in the pink curcuit change the repeater on 3 ticks to 4 ticks and place a
repeater behind it change the original 4 tick repeater a change the one
behind it to 4 ticks

Bryan Olson says:

i tried and it wont work in 1.8

TikalFan9000 CP - CANAL INATIVO says:

I also made one, but it goes up instead of down.

steven myers says:

i just got this to work with keaton jerpbak’s layout. thank you

cool cupcake says:

how the hell do u make a t flip flop?

fuzzybat23 says:

What I want to know is.. How is a Minecraft world file a violation of
Mediafire’s rules? xD

Cdogster Ewell says:

I open it with my 9 digit lock combination but how do i close it .

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