SECRETS of the Minecraft Farlands

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Find out all the secrets from the Minecraft Farlands!

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Man do we have a crazy video today! I decided to take a look at the minecraft farlands. You know the farlands, the rumored myth land that looks all crazy and is full of secrets and glitches? Well In this video I will be showing you my reactions to trying to survive in this secret minecraft farlands custom command. Minecraft survival is one thing, but doing it in the secret minecraft farlands is something totally different! There are new plants, new ores, new blocks, new items, new mobs, and new bosses all trying to make your minecraft survival in the farlands that much more of a challenge!

✅ Farlands by Xavier

🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


GD Kaysome says:

No Addons! No resource!

That Defacer that plays Minecraft Minecraft Channel says:

I could've just typed this in the command interface /tp 12550812 ~ ~

Joy Landero says:

logdotzip you are so funny making video

Zainab's awsome tv says:

Hero brine lives in the farlands so be careful well I don't know for sure

17DeadFish says:

This Custom Command is great

Salsamama32 says:

He demeted the leet!

Flare5197 says:

is this really a thing or is it a mod

Shadow_ Enchantress says:

Wait, how do we get the map/addon.

My Dumb YouTube says:

Logdotzip you should make a serie that you survive in the farlands

AmazingBear MorningVlog says:


Adel Almohtaseb says:

Make a setious

John III Barkhimer says:

Make this a lets play like if you agree

rex14rifle says:

the real farlands are actually very disorienting and creepy block models break so do coordinates mobs cant move and there was a point in a snapshot whenever notch tried to remove the ability to spawn in other steves messed up and he caused a glitch where the farlands could spawn steves thus creating herobrine
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Mali Pisko says:

omg i dont now that about farlands

Plum Gaming says:

it demeated the lete???

nailgut 101 says:

I have been in the farlands without doing what you did and it didn't have those items

Alen Single4Life says:

the zombies gone like up down up down right left right left nope nope nope

Satinder Shergill says:

Pls do Afar survival series

Lancaster Gaming. Ind says:

I love command block vids

Jaco Rotmg says:

where do i download this?

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