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We’ve built support into Minecraft for Windows 10 so that you can use structure blocks to select parts of your world and export them to Remix 3D – a new 3D community that lets you browse thousands of fancy 3D creations right from your browser!


Sparkle Girl says:

I can't wait to share my builds! 😀

Anthony Street says:

Can u add rainbow beds please

Raquel Gonzales says:

I Hate you mojang you made minecraft purchasable now i have no hope because of you …… like if you agree

João Guilherme Gomes Haiyashi says:

Who also hated the new official Minecraft texture, give like in my comment.

thirza86 says:

Dear Mojang team, i would like to share some new features that you could add to the game Minecraft pocket edition, pc, ps, XBOX, wiiu, 3DS and Switch! Starting with number 1. Could you please upgrade village houses with better Loot and cooler furnitures? 2. Could you please add better villager trades? 3. Could you add an weird paper that spawnes in an chest at the spawnpoint in an recent world so that players can see updates on that paper when they open it… 4. Would you please make the villagers look like real villagers and not squidwards? 5. It would be awesome if you could add random castles in forest biomes?! 6. Would you please add capes? (MC pocket edition) 7. Can you add multiple weathers? Like orcanes, Tornados, sand Storms!? 8 could you add vulcanos? 9. Can you upgrade the Steve and Alex skins? And ofcourse number 10 could you add that spiders shoot spiderwebs, zombies lose body Parts when they fall, when Mobs die they drop their head, including sheep heads spider heads etc. If This Team Mojang would add this to the game that would be awesome and appreciated!

LEGEND-_-GAMER2024 ! says:

Spot the differences hard


LEGEND-_-GAMER2024 ! says:

Spot the different medium:!!!


LEGEND-_-GAMER2024 ! says:

Spot the differences easy:


Azhri 14 says:

Woooow amaziiing

Intellectual Hazard•/_• says:

mojang pls make one for Minecraft Pocket Edition:Android

Sm00th TV says:

trying to desperately keep the game alive i see.

Eduardo el gamer says:

Y por qué no lo ponen para lo que era Minecraft pocket edition

Vierkante Banaan says:

Warning fantasy violence xD

Party_GamingTV says:

Guys please subscribe me

Vladislav Popov says:

Aj lajk this muzic

Jessica ashley says:

Team mogang please can you let the dragon 🐉 grow up in minecraft pocket edition on a phone plssss

Sam Douek says:

Does It work on ios

PretZel ProductionZ says:

Can someone please sub to my channel! (even though I haven't uploaded!)

Williams-Ryea Family says:

Teamjang add the wolf howls plzzzz

The Uncommon n00b says:

Do we.

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