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Today we play Pixelmon Island and collect some shiny Pokemon!
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Albie McGuire says:

Jerome if u play roblock u should play project Pokémon its the best u should plzzzzz

Alexander Theys says:

Blade vs Keehan battle for who is the better moderator

Ethandakiller 20 says:

I gots no school tomorrow

jeff huston says:

nidorino is purple

killerbird1510 says:

that type tho

Steadfast Gamer says:

26:23 gg

Duncan MacLeod says:

Jerome get gallade preferably a shiny with sword dance and drain punch and ice punch

Tristan Perkins says:

just ticked you over 5000 likes! Articuno shrine FTW!

Ejkboy781 says:

Jerome: 9 new Pokemon! Pokedab! If that doesn't deserve a Pokedab I don't know what does."
Me: 10 new pokemon…

Dgamer plays says:

I do not have school veterans day

Warped Obie says:

No school veterans day

Tyler Veltre says:

you are the best youtuber ever

Thomas Valentino says:

How many likes do I need to end his slurping nonsense!!!? Jesus Christ this dude loves naking DI<K SUCKING NOISES to a bunch of guys!?!! I'll never understand that gay shit Jerome!?!?

Ysidro Fermin says:

jeromeasf what is your Roblox username

Crazy Cranium says:

Sub to my channel and you will become the new president of the USA because, anyone would be better than trump. Will sub back!

Karla Silva says:

100 likes snd i will buy everyone burgur king

Delta_ Wavez says:

Jerome, baca sir can you please just make a regular pixelmon series. Whiteout you doing challenged and no blame Ben for crashing the server plz be nice to Ben.

Dolphinz Rule says:

Porygon-Z is my favourite pokemon

Grant Simons says:

Get him to five k

Retroman 12345 says:

Have the ultimate catching episode catching every new Pokémon in every area and no story. Also for roblox go to Pokémon Nrick Bronze

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