Siege on Castle Steve – Minecraft video by J!NX

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When the sun goes down in Minecraft, evil rules the night.
One castle dares to defy the odds. This is… the Siege on Castle Steve!

All things Minecraft © Notch

Check out J!NX for all things gaming and geek:

Thanks to everyone that helped bring this idea to life!

Directed, Captured & Edited by Jun Falkenstein

Produced by Sean “Jinx” Gailey
Concept by Jason “Windminstral” Kraus
Music by Sam Pierce
Vocals by Ben Covi, Ryan Mitchell & Brad Mitchell
Minecraft Acting & Construction by Drew “Drewbie” Syring, Gnorlin, Ryan Mitchell, Sylvia Mitchell, Patrick Moran, @BrentCopeland, Eric Fullerton, Christopher Heil & Sheil
Special Thanks to Drewbie, Gnorlin & Tyler

That’s a nice everything you have there…


Emerald King says:

what is the music called in the ending?? 0_0

Derick Holmes says:

Just so everyone knows that this isnt his video it was made by the creators of minecraft

Finn Morland says:

I thought they were going to make a huge rebellion including pigzilla to *eatdestroy the castle
PS.the pigzill will *eat the fortress


ade Games says:


David Kadrliak says:

Very good

Juana Castillo says:

Dumb enough

Karelia Noemí Prudencio Soto says:

nos asen reir sus bideos

gg jjj jjkm nxmdocmdmUhl says:

cjvki o.liul.
yu7i 70m


Puto no mates pigs imbéciles

Nelfa Ampatuan says:

æāõïvíçkßa naïveté öbet zengērk ßo germañ

The Infinity CZ LET'S PLAY'S says:


Chutima Guerena says:

The last time I watched was years ago..

james triggs says:

I miss the old textures in minecraft

Andy Vu says:

The memories, this vid inspired me to build a rollercoaster!
(well it sucked tho since I didnt know how to use redstone when I started)

BrazzyDaBeast says:

clap clap

ThewolfkingBR jogos says:


HGTgameing says:

I try to make the castle in pe but it's little?

John “CheezyMcSqueasy1” Storer says:

Ah the good 'ol days

squeakfruit says:

Im not a noob but Im very new to the minecraft community, so all I have to say is my favorite minecraft animation of all time now.

Fernanda Quintana says:

me encanta este vìbeo por CE cuando chicita yo lo veía es un gran vìdeo para mi

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