Sirhc’s Minecraft Tutorials: Mapping [1.8+]

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We revisit maps and show the changes made in 1.8.

Mapping Tutorial [pre 1.8]:

Maps Wiki page:


Music by Kevin MacLeod (


Alex Pope says:

Well done! I saw the large map on the last Night Owl server/spawn and
wasn’t sure how you guys did that. This cleared that up, plus let us know
about the changes. Thanks!

desertrose0601 says:

My maps are just saying Map #1, Map #2, Map #3, etc, but aren’t saying what
zoom level they are or including any coordinates. Am I doing something
wrong or has there been another update to the maps since you made this
video? I’m pretty new to MC, but I think I’m doing the maps right. Lol.
It’s very confusing though to not have the maps clarify what zoom level
they’re at – makes it hard to know what map I’m looking at – a source map
(level 0) or one that I zoomed out already. Any help to know what I’m doing
wrong would be wonderful! :)

I'm koeniedoenie says:

The shiftclicking is a major flaw of minecraft and I wasted sooo many paper
by doing that.

KING THH says:

Nice vid

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