Sirhc’s Minecraft Tutorials: Mapping [pre 1.8]

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If you are looking to make maps in 1.8 or later, check out my updated tutorial:

We learn how to craft maps and how to make large maps on the wall.

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More about maps:

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oxGreenheroxo says:

Thanks u Vrey Much .

TeXaS132 says:

cool. now i can make a wall map of my castle! thanks

Wild Eye Studios says:

that explanation about the bug was really helpful, thanks

Potato says:

Very useful and very well explained! Bravo!

mynamewhatis says:

Tip: If you can't find your base on the map cause it's so big and you can't tell the difference from the landscape, build an artistic monument that can be seen from the sky. Reminds me of the nasca lines… hmm.

mynamewhatis says:

sweeeeet thanks so much, I was confused and wondering how I could zoom in and out of my small map and stuff. Now I know.

Foz Lockhart says:

Oh shit I can't be fucking bothered

Nightcore Gamer says:

Not on Xbox sadly

Nóra Z says:

Thank you sir

Anthony G says:

in 1.8 how do you get the info of scaling on the map.. so it shows you if its 0-4 scale? on your video it show it but when I play it dose not?

evov monbly says:

so ths is near fuckig impossible in survival vanilla? mode?

Chris Emerson says:

Are there map changes in 1.8? Right-clicking maps doesn't work (in survival)

Brady Farlow says:

Does thus work for xbox

boufwill says:

thanks body ! really good tutorial ! 

Lena Busby says:

I had forgotten maps where a thing in minecraft….this is going to be so helpful now.

Bernardo Bacha says:

i needed this video for a long time

Anonymous says:

You do really sound like Zisteau!

The3nd3ffect says:

Can you map ME!

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