Sound FX BEAT – Minecraft [7]

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This video contains many fast, flashing images and colors. If you may be sensitive to this, please turn off the video!

Thank you all very much for watching! Hope you enjoyed.

Original melody (I modified it a bit in my video):


Anklejbiter says:

Holy Crapolas This is AMAZING!!!!!

Im Batman says:

awesome bro

Fallen warrior :3 says:

Next big thing Sheepy

Kaneki GamingTM says:

Best of the best

Double Girl says:

They turned this into OMFGDOGS (a website)

RDRapidHyperion says:

0:45 Sheep solo 1:06 Sheep harmony

포돌이 says:


희망 Youtube ★ says:

Why don't you make videos about how to make this good stuff?

Dko says:

on… good…. !!

Vogg says:

i've seen this on facebook last year , i tried to search it on youtube i didnt found it but finally now i got it

Jason Gaming says:

Dude best YouTuber in the world I subscribed to you

Marshall W says:

Crack! l like video.

조미자 says:

Hey, This is the best song what I listen ever!
Can I use this song in my video? If I use, I will write a link this video and I explain who is song's owner. Can I?

GamerrInvalid Games & More says:

Dat sheep solo doe! I rate that!!

Crazymind says:

dude nice job

Ruben Link says:

woooooooow best ! likeeeeeeee

QuackCow 144 says:

this is awesome

비제로 says:

sheepy is funnyest B-)

산소 O2 says:

Sheepy is singer? LoooooL
양이 가수인갘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

부누 says:

can i upload this video plz

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