SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to build a Hot Dog Truck

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In this video I show you how to make a hot dog truck for your modern city on minecraft xbox 360.


Joao Ferreira says:

mau desedido

Dominic Martinez says:

you are the
best builder
in minecraft.
make a bread truck

Bon Bon Hub says:

also 9999999999910

Bon Bon Hub says:

1 + subscriber you did my request!

Minecrafter says:

Your the best spank I love the videos that you make you helped me a lot thank you your the best

SuPeR TY gaming says:

Spank can you do a tutorial on a pickup trick

TurtleDerpStudios says:

Since I can't contact you on xbox, is there anyway you could follow me on Instagram? Keep up the great work!

Grace Figueroa says:

Awesome! So detailed even if its small! Great job!

Impala Games says:

Do a tour of ur modern city please

Tiarnan Mackey says:

Spank I'm Shane's friend emmett190348 this I's my friends channel I just wanna say wow ur doing really well for urself I watched ur epic build episodes there incredible keep up the good work

ellen duffy says:

Do a oil truck

Elite Gaming says:

Next tutourial build a helicopter or a trailer

ellen duffy says:

Can I be your friend on xbox live my gamer tag is RASHERjd05 ?

billy reed says:

did you make a taxi?

FantasticPoet42 says:

Nice Job, Spank!

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