SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to build a road

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In this video I show you how to make a quality street for your modern city on minecraft.


YourNightmareGG says:

Thanks mate 😀
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Dev Hob says:

I used regular texture pack for my modern neighborhood it looks great

Zach Wilson says:

Why didn't you make zebra crossing on your road?

Edhi susanto says:

what. the name off. potion

Deleted Account says:

Which texture pack are you using

HATE says:


Just Replayz says:

I know what texture pack you are using!

shiree buck says:

dude you need to do better thus is not a tutorial u need to stop starting tutorials when they almost done omg

W2M says:

how that game is caled because that is not a minecraft

Henry Wheeler-Klainberg says:

whats the texture pack

Michael Diedrich says:

i have rented the game and made a road but not as good as yours but its only my second time renting it and i have never done anything like that but i am on ps3 and have made two different worlds the 2nd one has my road on it the first one i went crazy and built a castle that is big and a big pool to go with it

Liam Beach says:

How many slabs did he put down

Daniel Sylvester says:

Plase You Amsome

Shiyen Bong says:

Is your city on a super flat world or classic?

ArianaGrandeMoments says:

I can't even tell how you made this. It's confusing. You need to lay it out and tell us if it is ( example 10/10 or something. And slow down. Please

Andrew Hill says:

I counted 21 in the long side how many is on the shorter side

LuisGames 007 says:

Hey, What did you use for the yellow lines on the roads ? if you had said in the Video I probably missed it. sorry.

tyrone bills says:

you can use stone bricks instead of slabs

Joe Peacock says:

It's too much better than the one I have on my Xbox live

jonesliam04 says:

Thanks you really help me again thanks

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