SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to make a FIGHTER JET

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In this video I show you how to make a fighter jet for your modern city military builds. Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see how to make the cockpit just right.


BallXD GT says:

Why the wings is so small.. You should add 2-3 blocks longer.. I don't know if it doesn't make any sense.. but.. I don't care.. I like it and i set the Fake missile become the Real Missile (Shoots Fireball) And i set the redstone contraption. Thx for made it.. I Hope you got 80K Subscribers.. Build more like an Airplane with 2nd Floor but bigger than the Airplane you made it

Nomad Raffael says:

My wool always burns you idiot

Joanna Woodhams says:

Can you build a battleship that caries planes

3HunnedJeff says:

Yo I love your videos you are so awesome keep on doing the great work please

vali king de coole jongen says:

do one with bombs that Works that wil ge cool

Dae Lin says:

Looks like a British harrier

Ahmed Ahmed Gohr says:


Elijah L. says:

why are your army builds so cool 😀

B3ASTLY2002 says:

Make an A-10 Thunderbolt 🙂

The Destroyer Darkness says:

I copied this but I made it so you can get in a little

M Ahlu says:

Make a small private jet, please I want one on my world. Thankyou.

Shawn Wa says:

woe you do the best fighter jets tutorial out there thx i subbed is there a way i could get tht texture pack on pc i hope you keep on rolling in those alsome vidd

Angel De Manuel says:

What Do You could this color blue

SaNTA CruZ// says:

F-14 WOW you know nothing about planes

Irakli Shavliashvili says:

wow that is so big

Garrett Burns says:

I would like to have a tutorial on a military base

spiderplaysMC says:

All u horrible comments are junk hes the best youtuber yout the worst

Schecter 7 says:

F14??????????? Maybe a strange A6

Luke Pollard says:

can you build a passenger plane

Leighton Roberts says:

Hey that was written by a nine year old, give him a chance….

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