SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to make a Flatbed Truck

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In this video I show you how to make a flatbed truck for your modern city on minecraft xbox 360.


StamyGaming Official Minecraft Call of duty & More! says:

Hated it I'm totally disliking

Vicki Harris says:

hay dude nice car but get a better stuff on it

diamondpug gamez says:

Im not doing it in the mode you are in though

diamondpug gamez says:

How do you put the half slab parts on the botton?

K Reeder says:

build a race car track

Justin Summers says:

Spanklechank me and my broth


@ Criyn: What question do you want to ask?


I will be getting Minecraft Xbox One!

Sam Harvey says:

Will you be getting minecraft for Xbox one??

Ryann Kaplan says:

1st comment

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