SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to make a Golf Cart

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In this video I show you how to make a golf cart for your modern city on minecraft xbox 360.

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Gaming_ Master says:

build a monster truck

TheBrickGuy says:

Please tell me I already built a golf cart in PE By your instructions Can I move it?

TheBrickGuy says:

Can you make a moving vehicle in minecraft PE

Melissa San Juan says:

extreme cartin'!.WOOOOOO!!

ミキチャンネル says:


Pascual Lopez says:

Build a monster truck

Sidd Bailhache says:

hey Spankleshank i got a new idea for rear lights. get an item frame and frame a netherack block

Kaylee L says:

Can u please make a big house with a glass roof and do u have ps3

Pixel Pro Gaming says:

Ummm sparkle u in America not in the UK and u said leever not lever

charles denby says:

Loved the vid

DJ x DOUGHNUt says:

Do a Bugatti Veyron tutorial?

NoLiMiTs36 says:

Good tutorial

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