SPANKLECHANK’S Minecraft Tutorials: How to make a Tow Truck

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In this video I show you how to make a Tow Truck for your modern city on minecraft xbox 360.

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james garanchon says:

i use blue wool

Beegy X says:

Texture name

Gamerjason27 bilili says:

that's 😎 man I really 👍 it thanks for the advise man

Adien Wilson says:

Keep doing good Im all wase wacking your vidio

Emerald gamer! says:

Its a furnace

Bryce Dalrymple says:

Good job dude I just built this in my city.

ScrawnyBrawny says:

Spank, I'm always impressed with your "structures". Keep up the good work!

Lyndsey Gaither says:

Can you send me friend request on Xbox live my name is
Stampy cat 257

Just Aviation says:

Cool. Can you tour my world on Xbox

Meriya Mendes says:

Can you build a school or an mall and by the way my mine craft name is MJLovesJB for xbox

mr black cat time says:

Awesome yeayer.

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