Stampylonghead : 5 SECRETS ABOUT CHRISTMAS – Minecraft Stampylongnose

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Hello. Welcome to my channel. My name is LoveMinecraft. I upload lets plays on a variety of different games including one Minecraft video every day. I always have fun making my videos and if you decide to stick around, hopefully you will too.


Ethan Tuller says:


Robert Weber says:

You spas it rong

Paige Dutcher says:

I whant to mary you stampy <3

Kathy Pocock says:

your not stampys?

Paige Dutcher says:

not ritght

stampy 132 says:

you are bill that rarms with tilly madde is bill e

stampy 132 says:

its not c its s

Jen Pat says:

feeling jiffy Skippy.

Jen Pat says:

stampy its santa

Sprincles Cute says:

just shut up stamps cool and that matterd

Henry Dan says:

Santa not stanta
Silly stampy

Lewis legend Smith says:

You can't spell

Suzanne Rumble says:

stamps you spellt it canta

Asa Xiong says:

You almost got it don't worry if people say u spelt it wrong u will get it soon:):):)

Rogue Mattenley says:

I love your videos

Alexis Palmer says:

I like peanuts

itsmejanicemarie says:

stapy you spell santa wong you just spell it rghit

Alexis Palmer says:

hey stamps instead of saying Santa you said Stanta

Miley Wright says:

(stavros king) shut up that is a rude and I am only 8 you're stupid@@@@@

Jennifer Domingos says:


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