STEVE | How to Draw EPIC MINEQUEST – By Sam Green Media

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Sam Green says:

Let me know if you ended up backing the Kickstarter! I want to thank you personally 🙂


Flame Husky Animations says:

draw creeper

ender sim06 says:

In my drawing book, pretty much everything I draw was square (minecrafted), i know your feeling on how hard to draw.

Blake M says:

Draw creeper next

WeirdSmiles says:

the dumb part is everyone is still begging for epic mine quest and wont help kick start minequest.

Want your baby creeper back? pay some bills man.

Eliazar Uribe says:

Everyone plz help Sam green 🙂

amelia bell says:

Plz can u draw herobrine

EveDaDemon says:

What does au $ mean?
M not from England or something :T

stars 14 says:

Good in Video you name?

Dark Knight Animations says:

Alright I'll drop a pot of gold over ur house hopefully that will help

chiliracha Soda says:


Delphi Böhme says:

I can't help but stare at your moustache in awe.

Dylan Perez Vilchez says:

Eres un pro

Gilma Yesenia Cuadra Jimenez says:

Dude wher is part 1 ep 6

Emerson Bravo says:

wow sam you are a jeager from age of empires 3 greetings from chile

Martunex says:

what do you use to draw and animate?

Kacper Wawruch says:

What a smexy manstache.

Funtime Freddy says:

Plz make that into a mursh plz I want that sharels plush

StripedLlama607 says:

I would love to see Enderbruh

Galaxy Legend says:

I really like your art, can you draw enderbrah next?
And if you can, god bless you!~~

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