Taurtisss is Gretzky – 2BC’s Minecraft Server ep. 5

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2BCProductions2BC says:

Sorry for the audio levels guys. My mic was too close to my face, I'll fix for next time.

Hasagay says:

SHL nice SHL=Swedish Hockey League

Canadian Hitman says:

Way better than nhl 18

Canadian Hitman says:

More shl Johnny those guys rock and deserve it

ChrisTheBeast says:

Man you make minecraft interesting as hell.

Nate Bonenfant says:

I remember playing in a 6's league called the SHL. Supreme Hockey League

Carl Wiström says:

I absolutely love the hockey game setup!


You should increase the ice surface and make 4v4 or 5v5, then its more fun

Juan Gomez says:

That was a gaol!!

76ers fan since 2016 says:

SensibleElm should kill himself ~Goosegaming

Rory Neish says:

Ailrght ???

Alec says:

Whalers stadium is great

cwork 96 says:

play all the regular season games off camera then special games at the end if like someone needs to win to make the playoffs then do all the playoff games on camera or do all the season games with highlights and full playoff games like if you agree so jhonney can see

Troy Bob says:

I'm the Oilers Mascot

Zachery Petropoulos says:

Scotiabank Saddledome

the derpy_bacon774 says:

add new team likr chicago

Tweetitrivia says:

You should set the nets and rinks to specific sizes

boboreo PhanaticMC says:

Where's the PPG Paints arena!!!!!

Weston Walker says:

Add a red light behind the nets

Jononewt13 says:

Who do I get in touch with if i want to make an arena?

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