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How to INSTALL hacked clients!! –
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Impact Hacked Client!

SNAPCHAT: officialxturtle

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endermitteHD says:

IT Is a Lie thats the best client on 1.10

Lakota Morseu says:

it got taken down

XZ7 Wolves says:

Impact is down 🙁

iDatedMyPizza says:

omfg PPL DONT LISTEN TO HIM. wizard hax gives u viruses

Tom Brady says:

I coded my own hacked client its called SquadDestroyer. To use just download and run then choose the SquadDestroyer version in MC.
Download Link:

PhantomWolfGD says:

He has my skin but its blue XD

Aflare YT says:

YO Turtle, I would prefer a private clean download. I do not trust wizardhax, so please email me a better link. (preferably from the official website)

Brian Quilantang says:

once a hacker always a hacker

NoH4cksForMe says:

wizardhax is a virse

دحدوح جيمر says:

God Akbr الله كبر

Pixelcraftian says:

Person: Everyone loves me and plays the same game I do!
Game: "You and -1 Other Players(s) are using Impact!"

marc marcelino says:

Hey xturtle does it have tp_aura and god mode please answer?.

Tylzz YT says:

how do i download it

Miranda Oosten says:

0:00 is the begin 9:57 is the end

From UK says:

Joel tried to download this with optifine but it was a virus R.I.P Joel's pc

WeirdGamesNL says:

20 k downloads and right bottom You and -1 other players are using impact

Oxerill2 says:

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Jerick Ramos says:

the best hacked client is LEGIT HACKED CLIENT!!! thats the best

xRazer says:

2.3 mine is 2.7 but not have singleplayer
r so what more awesome 2.3 or 2.7?????

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