The BEST Ways to HACK in Minecraft!

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It’s time to bust out your minecraft hacking skills, because today we need to cheat in minecraft in order to win… It’s not too often we get to hack minecraft maps huh? Check out these awesome minecraft cheat codes for beating levels using commands!
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How to hack in minecraft / how to cheat in minecraft:
Cheat as you can
Cheat as you can 2
by Supmargirl!

Music by Shag
Music by Kevin MacLeod (
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Hayden Lauritzen says:

how about… idk… The item that teleports you?

(if you still cant figure out /give @p ENDERPEARL)

Ellie Mullan says:

screaming at the screen saying GIVE ENDERPEARL on the first level of the second game

RSdabeast says:

LOL on at lvl 3 start I just stayed in adventure and used /blockdata to edit a command! So OP!

RSdabeast says:

10:10 use e-pearl

Waska The _MLG_ Cat says:

Vk is like facebook, but more Russian.

Carson Lohmeier says:

for the the good one you could of have your set a ender pearl

blueninja012 says:

about 10:11 i expected him to say we're going to give ourselves some enderpeals instead he said i can't think of any blocks so im gonna cheat

Karen English says:


Pot-8-os Joe says:

You could have done /give Logdotzip minecraft:enderpearl 64 and on High fall you could have done /effect Logdotzip minecraft:resistance 99999 255

Growtopia Bros Gaming says:

Do /give Name Ender_Pearls  16

Lukathen The Majestic Budder Kitty says:

10:05 You could have just used a water bucket.

Farsgokkejern Andreasen says:

That fov make me puke

rockgamer rusty says:

on the 1.level it said dont use tp but its a map about cheating

Archean says:

10:05 You coulda just used an enderpearl….

Vincent Bechmann says:

I kept thinking of ender pearls in the /give ones…

MotionCraft says:

that outro is so sick though

SleepyTom says:

heads which was in the main lobby is the heads of popular Russian Minecraft ganers. Aid, Mauser

superdragon8811 says:

clickbate inbound

Skygerby says:

10:00 Enderpearl?

Thē 26 says:

Hint about water:

If water is not flowing, you have to cause a Block Update
In order to cause a Block Update you have to break or place a block near the water.

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