The Bowl is BACK!!! – Biffa’s Vanilla Minecraft Server – #13 (Season 2)

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Minecraft Vanilla Survival Patron Server. I really loved my Bowl from HermitCraft, this gift from Leasara & friends is AMAZING 🙂

►How to SUPPORT Me & Join the Server:
– My Patreon if you wish to support me:

►Where to FOLLOW Me:
– YouTube:
– Twitter: @biffa2001 – use the hashtag #racetochampion
– Google+:
– Livestream:

►Other Links & Info:
– HermitCraft:
– HermitCraft Reddit:
– HermitCraft G+:
– Texture Pack: Faithful 32×32
– Thanks to Slaxinek for the great intro:

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Intro/Outro by Approaching Nirvana
Song: Chasing Winter
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Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More says:

Minecraft Vanilla Patreon Server – this gift is AMAZING! The Bowl is
back!!! :-)

xisumavoid says:

Oh my you also made the ocean! Thats amazing XD

Hypnotizd says:

Hmm, I don’t know. It looks like it’s off by a block. ;-)

Greg Hartman-Souder says:

Seriously underrated YouTuber.

Weasel Level Design says:

Your horse is T-4-2 :)

Ben Talbot says:


Theodore Bloyd says:

Hey Biffa, I was wondering if you are really playing super mario 64 castle
theme in the background?

chris jarrold says:

That bowl is epic, brings back memories! 

Gamerguy says:

Love this server! 🙂 Would join but saving up for a new PC!

Winchester MC-NL says:

So… is the End portal really legit? Or made with Creative?

eenofonn says:

Brought a tear to my eye hearing how happy this made you :)

Restless Thoughts says:

Oh my gosh WOW that has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen
done in Minecraft :,) This is AMAZING! I can’t imagine how much time and
dedication went into recreating Biffa’s fabled bowl! Just, wow!

Lisa Adams says:

The recreating of Biffa’s bowl showed more love and dedication than I have
even seen in Minecraft, The amount of time and work that must have gone
into this is unbelievable, never saw a hand poured ocean before, or a
recreation that can hold a candle to this. Hats off to all involved.

LemonadGaming says:

Ip?? plz

Mr Voidford says:

You destroyed my rosebush!!! You… will… pay!

Tess Martin says:

biffa you are very patient lol those people #ing in the chat and following
you lol

H0pestart3r says:

Wow, they took a lot of work in making that bowl of yours!

That PVP in the Bowl though! xD

pacacraft says:

So close to 100k biffa well done and good luck for the future!!

Chris Bachmann says:

That’s amazing. So close to the original. 

DusOrkamickyGames says:

Where is the IP for joining the server?

Alex Baldry says:

Biffa when will people that have donated get the ip?

Kimber88 says:

I’ve got to be honest–before you visited Autcraft on April 2, I had never
watched one of your videos (I’d heard of you though). So, thought I would
check you channel out, and I really enjoyed this video. 🙂 Can’t wait to
watch more of your videos.

Lego Dole says:

I remember feeling really exited during this project in season 1 and
wanting to see what would happen next

Duff McCrackin says:

Good memories were brought upon today :)

LadyLeasara says:

I just watched it back again and not a single “Oh my giddy aunt!” I lost
my bet :p

Lego Dole says:

This brings back so many memories!! Amazing!

nowymail says:

The ocean blew my mind! It even hurt a bit.

British Sam says:

121st viewer

2Arcticwolves says:

I love the antics you and the patrons get up to. :)

KingTanerLP says:

Now it’s time to build season 2′ base from hermit craft 

Jeffyjeff says:

Woow Memories of watching the first server coming back even though I only
watched Keralis at that time and watched a lot of it back later (still busy
watching a lot of stuff back :P)

beldurnik02 says:

Ah! The good ol’ Memories! :)

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