The “Copying” Minecraft Server Rant. (Ultra, Badlion, Mineplex, Hypixel, etc)

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I really felt like making this video. I really hope this gives you all a new perspective on “copying” games!

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Some Body Once Told Me says:

Minecraft copied real life

FlamrPvP Ilacas says:

The thumbnail looks like you got blew by a blow dryer.

iMytee says:

The thumbnail is ?

Envo // MC & more says:

Good rant lol

Linus says:

your dxracer pillow is upside down

GothicGamer2012 says:

I personally don't see servers copying other server's games as a bad thing. I see it as competition and maybe one server can do it better than another so people can get more enjoyment out of that game and can choose which server's version they prefer.

I have no issue with it. :/

Thanatos says:

Toxic Sam vs serious Sam

Itz_RagenPvP says:

7:32 nice hand movement sam

NoTryHqrdPls Trqde says:

He will lose he has an L cape-SamitoD

DestroyerTony says:

And arena brawl was from World of Warcraft (arena)

Esuseni says:

I don't have anything cool or meaningful so hai. Also the person who made h1 z1 made PUG soooo yeah.

Wolfeei says:

I was hoping for someone to discuss this topic. People are too attached to their own server, and mostly support their own server. They hate on other servers who make a modified version of their favorite server's game, yet when the server they like the most does the same, they start defending it with invalid argumentations.
For example, when Hypixel made BedWars, people from other networks called Hypixel out for "copying" EggWars. The Hypixel community didn't really seem to care, but when The Hive (I think) made their own version of BedWars, people started to tremendously hate on the server, saying how they completely ripped off Hypixel's idea, since they 'forgot' that BedWars wasn't original.

I'll just stop as you probably understand my point.

RecycledCoffee says:

blockdrop has some recreations of mineplex and hypixel bedwars maps or eggwars included.
i'm cracked so i cant join hypixel or mineplex. but i can tell that some gameplays have similar maps, even same. and it's annoying me, considering i can't really know which one are copying the other, and if it were for mineplex to copy blockdrop, then i'd probably give them a small clap, smack them, and loud clap them.

and probably smack them again for being a premium american copying shit. not just because mineplex copied blockdrop. (i already said it, IF mineplex is copying blockdrop then these are my thoughts, about america included.) its because america is copying EVERYONE. you can't say american tea, american burger, because we all know in some point in time they wanted to copy other countries and combine everything in to a big bag of a shithole. what i'm saying here is that america is a shithole. now i'm not saying i'm feeling sorry for you being born there, its highly accidental that all america people/government have annoying DNA. and if you ARE american, i'm not sorry. i like the language, and to the fact that all these people from USA made all these clever memes, but when i come to think of it again, you were at some point, a dipshit. we all have. mostly you. about 200 years of existence, and you have only 17 years of peace, leaving the rest of those countless years in war. think of it this way:
-2 countries being happy and drinking tea.
-sell them some PROFITABLEEEE weapons.
-talk shit about the other country that said something about you.
-do the same to the other country.
-make an excuse for them not to fight.
-leave happly with all the useless money earned from all those weapons.
-the countries are no longer in alliance, leaving america more greater now with the guns sold for that useless fight.
-fuck you america.

Zevo says:

this is society and the thing where they say 'it's copying' is kinda like not accepting to be in this society

Ninja Burger says:

u come from a 5 star restaurant

Stayfriendly lul says:

Build battle and the other shit mineplex made my nig

chogene says:

Hope to see more videos like this! These are very informational!

Coda Plays says:

I would like to see you like catching YouTubers hacking and also, I love these type videos.

Although, you are a bit wrong. You say healthy competition is good and I agree but I still don't agree with copying another servers game. Now, if you change the ga,e tremendously, that is a different story. Okay, you can make a good update that will improve your server over the other server you're competing with without copying their game. It simply isn't necessary.

Amanist says:

imma just ban evade mineplex and play legit to get cleaned and hacksuated

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