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» Today I went old-school and played Mineplex
( A dead server no one plays anymore )
I tried playing but, it didn’t work out…


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Zeo Zero says:

seriously tho why was it dead?
last time i join it there was like the amount of half player of hypixel

Chazza says:

i got banned on mineplex because i got scared of gwen thing and i hit it loads then some guardians flew above me and i was like tf then got banned lol

Derpy268 says:

hypixel took almost all mineplex players hostage da ones left escaped there r a lot of them that escaped mineplex is now known as Deadplex

BowSpamIsAnArt says:


Some Body Once Told Me says:

Mineplex is not dead and will not shut down soon. If it would, they would not have like 7k-8k players on at once, many of those with a rank, and be partnered with Mojang. Trust me, it's not dying nor dead. All that happened was the playercount declined. If Mineplex gets another hit game it could all turn around. Don't just say a server is dead or dying just like that

Temmie says:

Ur gonna get banned on Hypixel for advertising lol

ComedyKamo says:

Mineplex was the biggest server everyone was talking about. Now no one is.

Ghosty says:

BACON btw what is your skype username cause I can't find u and I want to contact with you.

jfo says:

Sure its dying but thats 7 thousand people on. Lmfao it still gets a ton . Look arcane isnt dying but that gets 1k players.

oWilliam says:


Kasper Neumann Jacobsen says:


BTW who has made ur outro

Majestic Legend says:

Mineplex sucks

T.E.G Jose says:

1 like = one happy Mineplex

Daspinda says:

And they are banning me for hacken cause my account was hacked.. lmao

Daspinda says:

There is your carma mineplex for NOT unbanning me when I whas banned cause my account was hacked!

LynxJinx says:


wait I love baby pigs…. ?

Toastee says:



Fabrobin says:

Holy shit Mineplex was mustered it might as well be one lobby

Pix3lg4m3r says:

Hypixel is the new mineplex in 2014

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