The Diamond Minecart ( Dantdm ) – 6 SECRETS ABOUT HALLOWEEN – Minecraft

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Hello friends. My name is The Diamond Minecart ( Dantdm ) Fan . I upload lets plays on a variety of different games including one Minecraft video every day. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel


Karol Koprowski says:

I giving you thumbs down because you copied and put it on your , CHANNEL

Karol Koprowski says:


Angel Mulliniks says:

all u haters out there that think that it's not Dan yes it is so shut up ya maybe u might not like him but that doesn't mean you have to be rude about all I'm say haters don't hate because you don't know his feels on the inside that might make him feel really bad and just because of u haters out there he might not post videos if u keep on hating so I'd do the right thing and don't hate u don't know how bad that makes him HATERS BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!

Alex Adkins says:

that's y I do not trust elfs

Heideh Rivera says:

Dan is my post

chucky lorom says:

i love it

chucky lorom says:

press read more to finish have fun

chucky lorom says:

do you want to bulid a snow man do you want to go and play.

Brannon Thornton says:

im your biggest fan and I think your funny and you make me laugh thank you (     ) (

Hannah Sawyer says:

why every one is tied of that introduction

jakob Griffin says:

Come see my daughters you tube Channel

Roman hostetter says:

yah me to dan plz

Zainab “zabidab” Khan says:

I like fin's voice…. its funny

Harley davison says:

your video said 5 secrets about halooween its ment to be christmas

Henry Rogers says:

You asshole

Henry Rogers says:

You can't just nick dantdm ' s videos and take credit with them

Barney Newman says:

Making me excited for christmas

Barney Newman says:

Have a nice Christmas

Barney Newman says:

Epic Santa costume!

Barney Newman says:

Is your arm getting better?

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