THE FIRST SHINY GYARADOS?!? (Minecraft Pokemon) Pixelmon Island #3

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Jacob Albert says:

brush…. you missed a shiny electabuzz near that medicham trade trainer

Kesh IzPro says:

who else got a chance to capture a mewtwo in Pokemon go but missed it?😢

The Tactical Tauros says:

Hey Lachlan i name my jolteon Sparkz To thats so awesome i even say i name him it in my video My Kanto Team

Xbitrate says:

Enough of this minecraft stuff! Do more Ark videos, Lachy!

Do_nUt_ boY says:

you should call gyrados 'The Flash'?

stickysamurai says:

how to set the mod p

H Wasnesky says:

When 5th gen is released, please get a chandelure. It is an awesome fire/ghost type with decent stats.

Connor O'Neilll 2 says:

Call your dragonite cuckboi ultra

Connor O'Neilll 2 says:

Hello mtv welcome to mah craaaaaaabbb

Thomas Coar says:

Recorded episodes are better than live streams

KatTV says:

oh damn, those skins look siiiiiiick

Chris Wood says:

Jolteon alohan vulpix haunter venosaur starme snorlax as main then charizard hitmanlee nidoqueen dragonite terradactyl alohan golam as spares

Mashed Potato says:

"A" pri corn

Cody O'Neill says:

You can't get away with pocket strats
– you named your tyranitar pocket strats and sweeper everyone with it lol

Euramo Tully says:

Get Aquadoods armor

Amanda Moreno says:

Were is ark pokemon??? Lachlan!!??

TheGameFaceYT says:

get Alolan Golem

The scooter Duck says:

Galaxy gear sry for spelling

JamFoo says:

Its apricooooooowrns

BrandonDoesMC says:

you should name the shiny gyarados TRIGGERED GYARADOS

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