The Minecraft Guide – 01 – Basic Shelter

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If you want to learn everything, you have to start with the absolute basics!
This series covers standard Minecraft ONLY, no mods are included!
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Mark Perlaky says:

I will be telling you the things you miss so for today why can`t we just use wooden tools instead of stone

Andkirby says:

I can't be the only one who thought this guide was useful, my mom got me minecraft for the PS3 quite a while ago, I was horrible until I found this series now I'm really good 🙂 of course I don't play much anymore but it was still super handy at the time

Zander Man says:

3:30 the best place to build your house is in a village

OshTV says:

his intro sounds like an action-movie-trailer voice 😀

The Amazing Duck says:

He kinda sounds like Brian from family guy.

Neptune says:

i have the minecraft guild collection in the books if you know what i mean

BDGamer's 123 says:

Can you make a survival series? I LOVE MINECRAFT! Please?

Amy Guan says:

Just downloaded the game. I watched 2 other guides and was confused on how to make coal/fire. Thank you for the guide! 🙂

Emilie S says:

Awesome videos man ! I started playing Minecraft recently and this helped a lot ! Keep up the good work man ! Bless up.

robinsonscondo sales says:

Mincraft skin? How to

Creeper49 Ray says:

i like how he says "expensive" or extensive idk it sounds like expensive

Lohith Prasad says:

Ur the best bro!!??

Red Fox says:

amazing video

JaesohnTE says:

What's the name of the song in the background?

King Montero says:

Ethos Lab's house is underground so he is protected from hostile mobs

Paul Blair says:

Where did you get that music?

Wolf games says:

My first day…well I spawned by a village and the blacksmith chest had gold diamonds and armour

Aaditya Dash says:

does anyone know how to download minecraft for free ? I had it but it got deleted by mistake ..

Pyro Playz says:

what is the seed for this world

Kawaii Katz says:

I'm gonna get minecraft later on today so I though I should watch some guides. This was helpful! Thanks I left a like. ?

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