The Secret Blocks Of Minecraft

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Today we look at the secret blocks in minecraft that arent found in your inventory. You have to use the fill or setblock command, or plugins.

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For water not to disappear: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (btw this will probably stop a few other things from working)

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FerrybigGaming says:

Instead of saying "Player, say "@p" in the command to automatically target yourself

LKFireStudio says:

/Give Player 397 1 3 (SkullOwner: "Playername")

Kenneth Alger says:

Darn! I don't have access to 209! Why not? =(

Chicken Guy Channel says:

Why doesn't any beam come out of the gateway?! please help.

Matthew Foley says:

@Grian, will these work in Mincraft PE?

Fluff Whiskers says:

3:20 THOSE BLOCK R MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SOME OTHER cough obsidian cough bricks cough

Freya Free Vlogger Gaming says:

Grian in pocket edition you can get mushroom blocks and dragon egg

Robow122 B says:

Grian are you from the UK?

Taylor Adams says:

I kind of want you to build a map using all of these

Kian Gecko says:

If you press on a mob spawner with a spawn egg then it replaces the pig with what ever, works with modded eggs aswell

Zachraňte Nomoliho says:

/give command doesn't really work with these …. -_-

Fountainblaze says:

So… how do you /setblock the redstone lamp?

aircoolbro 21 says:


TugLutz says:

You can get the mushroom blocks with silk touch XD Like so he can see

Yo Rothy says:

you can use silk touch to get mushroom blocks

Nexonin says:

I am going to get MineCraft for Christmas… hopefully 🙂 and I am going to be on Grian's channel for a long long time lookin forward to it ;P

Danijel Juric says:

You can change the type of mob spawner by simply right clicking a spawn egg

Legendary Anime Army says:

Grian will u type the command for the player head for gavinvsgames1 please

I tried it and it didn't work so I don't if I was doing it wrong

Thatdankkoala says:

Tell us how to do it without world edit!

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