The Secret Minecraft Controls

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The Secret Minecraft Controls
πŸ‘† I discovered The Secret Minecraft Controls somehow.
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Ivan B – Sweaters

Should I get a minecraft backflip mod in the future?

What are the secret minecraft controls?
By pressing 4 unique buttons on your keyboard at once, the power of an ancient minecraft control is unlocked allowing you to apparently backflip. The keys have to be pressed at the perfect moment and pressed with an angle to the left. That is how you harness the power of the secret controls.

What is this video?
It was time for another minecraft Q&A on snapchat. You guys sent me your video questions and I open them and try to understand what is even going on. From classic walrus questions, video intro’s and weird sounds to secret minecraft controls.

Unfortunately the controls might not work for everyone, it’s very hard to do.

Where do you normally record?
Most videos are recorded on Hypixel, more specifically Hypixel SkyWars or Bed Wars, the IP is listed below. I am quite the avid Hypixel player if you could not tell.

Can I friend you on Hypixel?
Unfortunately for obvious reasons I cannot friend every single person.

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Dashboard/Minecraft says:

We all know you liked the blonde e girl at the end don't deny it.

carelessly says:

you look like a chicken

Kevin Lucas says:

burn the walrus

SheepGamer84playz - Roblox And More says:


RedOrPurpleDot says:

Burn the walrus

Troy Boeckermann says:

I have no idea what do say plz just love my comment 😩😩😩😩😫😫😫

Atarin Craft says:

i like you because you are funniest minecraft youtuber

PotPieYT says:

beaver: im a beaver

walrus: im spifey

chips ahoy: beaver and a walrus ur ded

Monsteredi says:

Congratulations Spifey you have made the backflip meme

Hunter Dismore says:

Do you have a brother named Evan because my cousins boyfriend is Evan and he look exactly like you. And do you live in Oregon? If you don't where do you live? No reason just wondering.

Homie Panda says:

lol that intro is something i could use XD

GamingWith Sthavar says:

Meh pin meh

Granted Gaming says:

Disclaimer: No Walruses have been hurt in this video

Headbands PvP says:

Haha good vid

Niichi Tang says:

I play csgo and minecraft and my accuracy is 85%

eEzPzEe says:

my favrit part when he say walrus

CoolChicken_1213 says:

He's not a walrus, he's a sealion

Dank Pancake says:

I click on the vid go full screen I go out of full screen and I say OH ITS THAT WALRUS GUY

Xboy21 says:

Burn the beav…I mean warless

Capanang gamer Bros says:

You Spifey, you make my day with your funny things! Your the best YT ever.

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