The Worst Minecraft Server Ever

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i hope u enjoy
my server ip:
snapchat: skeppysnaps
Special thanks to Joko for putting the clips together for me: (sub2him)


whitehotwater says:


Nathan Mills says:

i wanna go on your server how do u

Science Mc says:

How do you even make a server that is like ""

The falcon Puncher says:

Hey skeppy I got a secret to tell u

I'm gonna win the give away

Ps u are cool

Alize Marie says:

Alizzizzle alizzizzle alizzizzle


what texture pack? pls tell

Penguinshiverpaws AJ says:

Skeppy say "Jif is a bad and not a good and jif is make me a sad" please!

Sam Reynolds says:

Skeppy play uhc plz lol

RIP Dorito says:

I want someone to dislike my comment I always get likes.

Mandon Anims says:

i died from laughing because of this!!!
can't do emojis

JustAChannel says:

115k… I see 200k soon and i remmeber 2k

Lex says:

I've been subbed sense 40k no 100k wtf in like a mouth

Harisgok says:

i died from laughs

Edit: im commenting from heaven

FlareBlitzGaming says:

Raindrop drop top skeppy uses subbot

washingtoncaps_fan - hockey and games! says:

watched this guy since 870 subs

MrJakob11 says:

hi skeppy. i want to be skeppys builder. if skeppy lets me be his builder, i will stab jif. let be be builder skeppy

proboyfin offical says:

who wants a intro sub to me ur title to the intro il make it for free

Zabay says:

Skeppy I wondered if you want to make a video with me someday if you want, if not then just ignore me ); I would really appreciate doing a video with you bro! (: nice video


fight me noob

AlekanYT 気 says:

hey Skeppy NICE VIDEO you are the BEST | plz help:how can i create a minecraft server with plugins but online how HOW plz help Skeppy or any1

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