Things to do in Minecraft Slice Of Hell –

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Things to do in Minecraft Slice Of Hell –

Gav and Geoff have been busy modifying Ray’s house while he was out of town. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID!

10 Things to do in Minecraft:

1. Explore Caves
2. Go to the Nether (Its pretty hard to get bored while in the Nether)
3. Go Squid Hunting
4. Build a tree house
5. Attempt to build a huge statue of your skin
6. Try to build somethimg out of gravel
7. Enderman staring contest
8. Try to find an Ocelot
9. Try to create the most creative death.
10. Blow up something with TNT

If you read the Beginner’s Guide and followed it you should have at least a hole in a hill with about 2 torches, a workbench, and a worn-down wooden pickaxe. This day will guide you in making a cobblestone house, instead of your hole in a hill.

When you venture outside after surviving your first night, be on the lookout for hostile mobs. Later, you will be hunting them, but that’s after you get both weapons, and a proper food supply. Also, keep track of where you are, using the debug screen if needed. If you do get killed at this point, you haven’t lost much,and you’re presumably still near spawn — just head back to your death site to collect your few items.

At this stage, creepers are deadly — run away until they despawn or lose track of you. Skeletons and zombies may survive in shady spots; lead them into the sun and avoid them until they burn to death. Spiders will mostly be neutral, so just avoid them; if one has targeted you, lead it into the sun and run it around until it loses interest.

Collect any loose items you see: bones, arrows, rotten flesh, eggs, and wool. Destroy any tall grass you see and collect the seeds. You might break and grab some mushrooms too — if you can get both kinds of mushrooms, you can make mushroom soup. All these things will help you sooner or later.

Things to do in Minecraft

Things to do in Minecraft


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