This Minecraft MUSIC DISC has a DARK Secret

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In todays video, Sub uncovers the DARK story behind the evil disc 11 in Minecraft…
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Ninja Zaxor 1309 says:

The disc 11 is a mystery people are still recording disc 11 and it appears that on the disc there is a door roof and the signature of the creator of all music disc’s music and the creator’s name is C418

Robert FloydTLM says:

Sub my uncle said you're not a real person😩😩 but you are a real person

Bill Silointsden says:

AWESOME! I don't play minecraft anymore but you got me so hooked into that story

Bleh Bweh says:

wheres disc 12

Paul Garcia says:

Wait did that guy said herobrine at the end

GreenLightningStrike Plays Games says:

Dude no way i have been in that exact same cave…maybe same seed?

Jonaz8 says:

I think its steve in a cave and an enderman was chasing him and killed steve
I also think the disc is called disc 11 because the enderman was the 11th mob in minecraft

Joshua Volmar says:

Sub-Zero friend Steve is Herobrine

AA16 says:

I think this sound is from notch's kitchen

ADMIN minecraft says:

Hey guys subcribe me i am admin in minecrafti can,t HELP YOU!!! You wanna plau i can,t help you.its not Error

Brigette Sofio Shaffer says:

It sounds like a Boy Alexa….

john lhord gronifillo says:

Sub I need to see your face

Mariska Pribadi says:

to so scary

Mariska Pribadi says:

I here Herobrine said shh

Mariska Pribadi says:

and don't play bisc 11 because I've you play that well Herobrine well come I see her

Scientifical Nick8 Minecraft & More says:

Poor Steve he died ;(

kfk -GAMING says:

Wait a minute….. is that? OMG OMG that was p o o p p e r b r I n e (herobrine)

Lonely Gaming says:

i will quit Minecraft its scary now I will try it

Lonely Gaming says:

i just Heared The disc 11 and i see something Breaking And placing Bedrock And Get a sign And says HELP

chrissy20031 says:

How dare you hit that rabbit

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